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why do bad things happen to good people? i feel like some things are just so messed up and when they happen to those people all i wanna do is give them a hug and say, “Im so sorry this happened to you and i promise to do something, anything, everything to make it better.” I wanna do this just because it seems like the best thing to do and just because i hope someday, or one day, everyday(!), someone could just do that to me. A good person doesnt deserve to be sad or upset and when bad things happen its just not fair, trust me i understand. But if things happen for a reason why do they have to hurt us so much? i know no one said anything would be easy but still……i just cant help but wonder why?! It just isnt fair how happiness seems to never last very long and always end in consequence or is that just me?! Well ill always be that person to hug someone who’s having a rough time and tell them ill do anything for them to feel better, even if im the one who truly needs it.

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